Crossroads 2 : F2P

Solve puzzles and brain teasers in this mystery game! Find hidden objects! Your target is to save the world from dark magic! There's a mystery bar that only appears to those who desperately need it. Will you be brave enough to step inside the bar when it appears to you? Are you ready to find hidden objects, uncover criminal cases and save the world? JUMP ON A LIFE-CHANGING ADVENTURE You are invited into a mystery bar to find hidden objects. The bartender will be your guide on this journey. Will you be brave enough to uncover criminal cases and save the world? FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE! Find hidden objects and save the world. Are you ready to make decisions that will change the outcome of the story! IN BONUS CHAPTER: SOLVE A NEW MYSTERY After Mistress Eve witnesses the comic book covers changing on their own, she thinks that someone is deliberately rewriting the stories. Could she find hidden objects and uncover criminal cases? Will she find out the mystery quill and restore order to the stories? Are you ready to save the world? Discover more from Elephant Games! Elephant Games is a casual game developer.


Optimization for smartphones

Our app is perfectly optimized for your devices. This ensures smooth and responsive functionality!

Camera operation

The app works perfectly with your smartphone camera to implement augmented reality features!

Pleasant Surprises

Various promotions and gifts await you inside the app. This will be a pleasant surprise for you!


The app data and your settings are always available from the cloud, allowing you to always and everywhere.

New approach to design

The design of the application was developed according to modern standards. New technologies and modern tools have been used to realize the naturalness and realism of visual objects.


Contact Information

  • Country:  Switzerland
  • Street: Kammelenbergstrasse 50
  • City: Flond
  • Phone Number:  +41  081 719 79 64
  • Email:
  • Last update: 30.06.2023

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